Committed to

DEPTH'depTH (noun)

  1. complexity and profundity or thought
  2. extensive and detailed study or knowledge

Nothing can be a substitute for depth.

Our team’s knowledge and expertise extends over a 40 year company history. Such extensive experience has allowed us to create and refine a business model that is unlike any other.

Simplistic in its underpinnings, yet refined and advanced to utilize the latest technologies, we have consistently delivered results year after year after year.

Class A Focused
Many property management firms manage varying types of properties—from large class A assets to small class C deals, there is no job too big or small for these companies. At HAVEN, we have chosen to exclusively focus on large, class A office and retail properties.

Specialized for a Reason
We prefer the challenge of managing large class A properties, maintaining them to the high standards that class A tenants expect, while still offering the most affordable pricing possible. With our specialized focus, we provide exceptional service and cultivate strong relationships with our tenants, which encourages tenants to stay at your property year after year. And this limits TI and leasing commission exposure. In addition, our institutional-grade financial reporting is most appropriate for larger, class A assets.


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