Multi-family is better with HPMA.

Our team’s knowledge and expertise extends over a 40 year company history. Such extensive experience has allowed us to create and refine a business model that is unlike any other.

Simplistic in its underpinnings, yet refined and advanced to utilize the latest technologies, we consistently deliver results year after year after year.

Haven’s model has allowed us to cultivate an incredible team and culture.

Our model has facilitated assembling a team of property managers that combined has nearly 100 years of industry experience, and who average more than 20 years of history with our company. Our executive team has nearly 150 years of industry experience, and averages almost 20 years of history with our company. What we are most proud of, however, is that we maintain this length of tenure with our team in an industry that sees an average of 33% turnover every year.

By putting our depth into practice, we provide you with better performing assets, increased value and unparalleled levels of service.

These results are what drive our clients to measure their relationship with Haven not in months, or even years, but in decades. It is why, after trying other management companies, our clients choose to renew with us again and again.


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