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All management companies have software, internet, access to online marketing, analytics, big data and a plethora of bells and whistles. But at HPMA, while we believe in and fully utilize all of those tools, we place our emphasis on what we believe truly makes a management company better: Our People.

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Why HPMA is Different

Our proven approach to provide game-changing service.


HPMA-Haven Property Managers’ Executive Management Team has developed unmatched wisdom through more than 150 years of combined management experience, and has been involved in every aspect of an asset’s life cycle. From new construction lease-ups, to on-going asset oversight and management, to multi-million dollar rehabilitations, there is little that our team has not experienced in the multi-family sector.


At HPMA-Haven Property Managers, we believe in empowering our employees, which has enabled us to build a very competent and skilled team. We also utilize time-tested financial and accounting practices, allowing us to consistently deliver industry-leading and institutional-grade financial services and reporting.

We embody competence, from our property maintenance and day-to-day management to our communications and administration, to our executive-level operations.

Common Sense

As a complement to the wisdom and skills of our team, we also place high value on common sense management. This approach teaches our team members to take the right action and to do so quickly and efficiently, preventing small issues from snowballing and becoming more complex than necessary.



Solving the On-Site Employee Turnover Problem

In March of 2015, the Apartment Association of Metro Denver published the results of a 2014 poll regarding on-site employee turnover. The results of this poll are staggering. Of the 26 companies surveyed, the average…

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Continued Growth in Multi-Family

Perhaps the biggest question multi-family investors are asking themselves as they consider investment in the Denver-Metro market is, can the multi-family market continue to improve? After studying the fundamental supply and demand characteristics of today’s…

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